The rules and regulations are being laid down for the guidance of the students because their violation may cause them inconvenience. So every student who seeks admission is expected to abide by these rules.
1. All the students must enter the premises before college time. After the start of the first period the college
gate will be closed and no students will be allowed to enter the college without the permission of the Principal / Administrator.
2. Photograph albums, cosmetics and other articles of beautification are prohibited to be kept. 3. the technology trade will not be chaned once alloted. 4. Students are directed to be neat and tidy in their dressing and cutting.
5. No student will be allowed to have in possession radio, MP3, mobile phone and camera etc. On the college campus. If any student is found in possession of these articles they may be confiscated by college authorities.
6. Without prior permission of the principal no student will be allowed to paste any poster, pictures, circulars and stickers etc. on the college notice board, walls or anywhere on the college campus, nor handbills are allowed to be distributed.
7. In case college property is damaged heavy fine will be imposed besides recovering the cost of damaged property, articles or apparatus.
8. No student in the college will be allowed to misbehave the college teaching staff and other employees. If the offence is serious College Council may order expulsion or heavy fine after proper inquiry.
9. Disciplinary action will be taken against the students not following the directions of their teachers.
10. Strict action will be taken against the students involved in objectionable activities like smoking and taking narcotics etc.
11. The personal correspondence will not be permitted on college address. If any letter is received it will be censored by college authorities.
12. Students will take care of the cleanliness of the class rooms and lobbies etc. The skin of fruit and wrappers of all sorts should not be thrown except in the dust bin.
13. The student found disturbing the class, chewing gum etc, whispering or fiddling with keys or the like during the lecture might be punished by his / her class teacher.